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The Wisconsin Story CBD

Our Story: From the Roots


The Wisconsin Story CBD was born out of the need and passion to "save the farm" where each year 1,000 WI Farms sell out, and some go bankrupt. Creator & Master Herbalist Dave Knott, took to the fields to Grow Hemp for quality CBD, mentoring Growers, and providing an opportunity for a sustainable and worthy crop. Said to be more of a Co-Op program for greater ownership at each location grown. Dave has over 17 years experience in the industry, is the Formulator and now Grower of their product. Beyond "seed to shelf," he is an Expert Guide in all things supplements and achieving therapeutic benefits. "Growing our hemp from seed to shelf was naturally the next step in ensuring we're getting you exactly what your looking for." There's too many company's out there selling CBD with a rushed-to-shelf product.


We like to say, "we grow, so you know." Very few can ensure this peace of mind. 

LARGE (1.75_ X 3.5_) JULY 19' ALL 12 QTY
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