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About Embrace Wellness

Their Story


Embrace Wellness was founded by Dave Knott, with over 17 years of experience and success in the industry. "Our passion is to educate and help you embrace your journey of wellness, to live the life you desire without holding back. We believe in offering the best nutrients from around the world that offer the most therapeutic benefits."  Dave has taken to the field to personally guarantee, and ensure what you are taking is of the best quality out there. So why wouldn't you want your products local?  


Stop in and learn how you can work through health issues such as chronic inflammation, digestive concerns, insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol, respiratory, sleep, cognitive and immune system function.


We carry a wide selection of natural vitamins, supplements, athletic performance, proteins, weight management, essential oils, skin care and makeup, as well as gluten free solutions.  Our mission is to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle through preventative care and nutritional support.

We are a family owned natural health store located in Middleton, in front of Costco and next to Monk's and Sherwin-Williams Paint Store.




Acute & Chronic Pain

Digestive wellness

Auto Immune health

Diet and Detoxification

Sports Nutrition

Natural Skin Care & Makeup

Essential Oils

Food allergies & intolerance

Elimination diets

Owners Dave and Diana Knott, 2019

Photos gratefully captured by Simply Moments Photography
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