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We are the Grower from Seed to shelf to control the most pure form of CBD extraction. Custom formula with proven results from 17 years as Herbalist and Supplement Expert - Guide. 

The Wisconsin Story CBD

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  • The Wisconsin Story CBD is custom formulated by the Store Owner and Herbalist of 15 years. Grown by him and his Growers, then carefully formulated for best results, at a WI State cGMP Cerfitifed Lab. Each formulation has undergone extensive 3rd party testing, and can be found with each product purchsed.


    The pleasant and sweet terpene rich profile is coupled with additional notes and essences for pain and anxiety relief. It's non-drowsey and even suggested to take towards the front of your day for better day time support. Hold each serving under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. May choose to let linger for longer if desired. Our formula has been greatly refined, after testing hundreds of top leading brands, and also based upon real world results with our customers. You may have had good CBD products previously, and we promise you'll notice our crafted formula and it will stand above everything you have come to know. This was accomplished by seed to shelf opperations and controlling every possible outcome to the best we could. 


    About Brands: If the seller isn't the Grower, your buying a "private labled" product, of which the ingredients will vary from batch to batch. Meaning your benefits may fall short or will be different, if it doesn't come from the same grower each time. Don't jeopardize your time, money and experience - buy from us the Growers. 

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